Startup Program


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  1. There will be 300 startups at the Conference exhibiting, pitching, meeting Directors, investors and partners.
  2. We want Chapter Directors to refer as many great local startups as possible to us (see just below for more info).
  3. Referred startups will get $200 off their application fee if referred*.
  4. Directors will get referral commission of $50 per closed startup towards airfare to Global Conference!

Startup Delegations

Every year a number of leading Government Agencies, Incubators & Accelerators from across the world sponsor their top startups to exhibit at our conferences. Offering Global exposure for their national startup ecosystem, as well as providing a great networking and showcasing opportunity for both the sponsor and startups, this is a great opportunity for all parties involved.

Please contact Jamilah Morrar (@Gigi Morrar on Slack) or Imogen Watson (@Imogen Watson on Slack) for more information.

How To Refer

Tell as many startups as possible to apply at (this can be as simple as a post on social media)

Tell them to include your name in the referral section of the application to ensure that we know that they have been referred by you and get the $200 discount

That's all you have to do. We will handle the rest!

More Context on the Startup Program

(if you want it!)

What are the distinct parts of the Startup Program?

Put simply, there are two parts of the 'Startup Program': the Startup Exhibition & Accelerate.

The Startup Exhibition is only the exhibition of startups that takes place at the Conferences (Europe, Global and maybe more over time). For Global, we select the best startups from over 3,000 applications to exhibit. Our Startup Exhibition provides startups from around the world with the opportunity for investment from partners, exposure, and education to help them take their businesses to the next level.

More information about the Startup Exhibition can be found here

‘Accelerate’ is Startup Grind’s invite-only community designed to give the most promising startups from our global community the education, network and exposure they need to accelerate their growth.

More information about Accelerate can be found here

What are the different Exhibition ‘packages’ for startups on the website?

It's really simple... there's GRIND and there's GROWTH, explained below


Startups applying for Grind

  • Must have fewer than 20 employees,
  • Must have raised less than $3M.


Startups applying for Growth

  • Must have more than 20 employees and,
  • Must have raised more than $3M.

We also have an FAQ Page that will help you understand the program better. Please do have a look!

If you have any more questions about this, please ping us on Slack or email us on