*TL;DR = Too Long, Didn't Read - i.e. the below is a summary for you :)
  • This is the FAQ page - Frequently Asked Questions.
  • This means, if you have a question, you'll most probably find the answer here :)
  • Please READ EVERYTHING on this page, it will really help you have amazing time in Silicon Valley.

— Contact Information

G, Phin, Bruce, Farheen, Madeline & Daniel - will be your go‐to contacts for needs leading up to and on‐site at the event.

Need to get hold of us, please use Slack or email Ford (Our Helpdesk).

Email: ford@startupgrind.com.

— Who's Attending

  • 250 Directors ARE COMING TO GLOBAL!!! - We at HQ are SUPER excited!

— How many tickets do we get?

You as directors always have, and always will get, free tickets - please see the TICKETS page for more details.

If you need tickets (any of the 4 listed on tickets page) - please contact ford@startupgrind.com

— Accommodation?

  • Accommodation detail to be confirmed!

Please get all info HERE (plus who you'll be staying with here)

— Getting Around Easily

Looking for Transport Info - GO HERE

Before leaving your home, please download Google Maps onto your device and you'll be able to get directions on your phone without WiFi connection - Go here for more details.

By clicking on Google Maps, and choosing train, or buses, you can see how far you are from somewhere, and what the schedules are.

The BART is another system you can use from the airport, and then cross over to Caltrain.

from Hotel

We will pick you up, and take you to Conference Venue (11th & 12th Only).

You will need to find your own way back to the hotel in the evening.

from Bunk Beds

Please use Ubers (Pool together to make cheaper) - see "travel times" page.

The bus WILL NOT pick you up from here.

from Own Place

Please use Ubers (Pool together to make cheaper) or CalTrain or buses.

More info below in Travel Times page.

— Directions from Airport (SFO) to AC Hotel

Airport Shuttle:

  • Scheduled, and complimentary.
  • Shuttle Phone: +1 650 742 9211.

Alternate Transportation:

  • Area Shuttle/Taxis Services fee: ± 28 USD (one way), on request.
  • Hotel is 5.2 miles NE of Airport (http://bit.ly/2zA3Fwb).
  • Airport Phone: +1 800 435 9736.

— Caltrain Fare Chart

You can use the CalTrain to get up and down Silicon Valley - it's also the cheapest way to travel!

Fare Chart: http://www.caltrain.com/Fares/farechart.html

Zone Chart: http://www.caltrain.com/stations.html

TimeTable: http://www.caltrain.com/schedules/weekdaytimetable.html

— Bart Info

You can use the Bart to get from Airport to specific places in and around Silicon Valley.

More Info: https://www.bart.gov/

T-Shirt Info

  • You'll receive an invitation email to fill in a form and RSVP for the Conference.
  • That form will take you on a journey, and once complete, you'll get your T-Shirt Code.

— How do I Get My Tee?

  • To get your T-Shirt, you need a "T-Shirt Code"!
  • You will receive the code after purchasing your Startup Grind Conference Ticket - More info here.
  • Please present your "T-Shirt Code" at the T-Shirt Stand at the conference to pick up your free T-Shirt.

You may purchase more T-Shirts should you wish!

— Extra Info On the T-Shirts (FYI)

The RED T-Shirts are ONLY for Directors:

    • Everyone you meet with that T-Shirt on, you know is a Startup Grind Chapter Director :)
    • If you have any old T-Shirts from previous years, please feel free to wear throughout the conference.

— Can you help me get a VISA to travel to USA?

  • Yes, please go to Google Docs, choose the "VISA Letter" template fill in your personal details.
  • Then, share the document with ford@startupgrind.com (with "write" access so we can sign it) and HQ will process it accordingly.
  • This is a template that was used multiple times before and seems to be enough for authorities around the world to get your VISA approved. Please don't make any changes unless it's absolutely necessary.

This is ONLY for Chapter Directors and Co-Directors that have been on-boarded and are in our system.

— What should I pack?

Attire is casual, dress comfortably:

  • Bring a light jacket and an umbrella if you have one.
  • The average temperatures in this area are High 15C/62F, Low 8C/40F during February.
  • The most common clothing choice is that of our founder Derek... i.e. Jeans, T-shirt & Funky Sneakers ;)

— What meals are included?

  • Lunches aren't included. On conference days there are special discount offers - look at the menu on the conference app for "lunch options and discounts"
  • Please cater for your own Breakfast in the morning.
  • Some suppers may be catered for, see Agenda (will be updating as we finalize details).

— It's Valentines, can I bring my partner?

Yes you may, below are the rules...

  • They may join Startup Grind Global Conference.
  • They may not join Thursday and Friday's Director Days.
  • They may not bunk with you in our sponsored hotel rooms (sorry guys and gals).
  • They may obviously stay with you in your own hotel that you organised (please inquire about discounts).

— Can I help you sell more tickets?

Yes, you definitely may! We are so excited to introduce our Startup Grind Global Conference Ambassador Program!

What you get:

  • Receive bragging right as the Startup Grind Global Conference Ambassador.
  • Compete to bring home the "Most Influential Global Conference Ambassador Award".
  • Get your Chapter featured with your awesome head shot on our Global Conference Page.


  • Receive 10% commission (of sold ticket price) for each Global Conference ticket sold.
  • Additional full-access complimentary passes (1-for-1 sold up to 2 additional passes) for your network.


Take Note - all things TICKET related, can be found HERE.